Welcome to City Maid Service,  at City Maid Service we go that extra mile to keep your home or place of business clean. We are a Professional green cleaning service for Office, Apartments, Retail and construction clean up.

Residential Cleaning Service

This is a business that consist of friends and family members in different states were we all operate as one, ordering everything in bulk to save on shipping storage etc, chemicals in concentrated form (pre measured Spray bottles for our maids and technicians to avoid chemical waste and mixing) Cleaning using nothing but water(Activeon / steam cleaners) Color Coded Microfiber cleaning clothes.


Our internal systems will operate more efficient also( From more fuel efficient vehicles, better route planning / scheduling to be more efficient/ for the states where our maids won’t have access to public transportation. New technology software to go paperless.

Commercial Cleaning Service

Our commercial customer’s save also through our recycling program we purchase recycling cans, we collect the used bottles and cans in which in time will save dumpster / compactor less garbage disposal.This is the City Maid Service procedure and policy All personnel in all offices, satellite and distribution centers must follow recycle all material possible from ink cartridges, paper, etc.. Listed below are our cleaning company policies.


Please see our FAQ PAGE for more information. Contact us if you have any questions regarding these policies or if you have questions regarding our cleaning services.

  • Payment: Payment is due at time of service. If you are not going to be home at the time of service, a check can be left for our employees or you can leave a Mastercard/VISA number with our office manager. Pay Pal, Debit or credit cards.
  • Pets: We require that all pets (cats, dogs) be either kenneled up or outside in a fenced area that our employees do not have to cross.
  • Special service requests: When you sign on with City Maid Service you will receive a list of cleaning specifications that will be performed.

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If you need special services like carpet cleaning, window washing, or oven cleaning, you must make arrangements for these services at least one week prior to your scheduled cleaning day.

  • Small service requests: Services such as [list specific services] can be performed along with your regular cleaning. There will [will not] be an extra charge for these services. Please leave a note in a visible place and/or phone our office.
  • Equipment/cleaning chemicals: City Maid Service will provide all necessary equipment and cleaning supplies. If you have a special request,  please let us know.

Professional cleaning services for Office, Apartments, Retail, construction clean up, Move in and out cleanings. Reasonable rates, prompt service and great cleaning skills.